Chair of the Board

The Carlsberg City District is located in the centre of Copenhagen. For more than 160 years the famous Carlsberg Beer was brewed here - first by the visionary brewer J.C. Jacobsen, who founded the brewery in 1847 - and after his death by his son Carl.   

In 2008 the production of beer was moved to Fredericia in Jutland, and this unique area was opened to the public. The Carlsberg City District contains some of Copenhagen’s finest architecture and is part of Denmark’s industrial, cultural and historical heritage. 

Over the next 10 to 15 years, the area will be transformed into a vibrant, diverse and sustainable new city district, offering a rich choice of cultural activities, appealing to business, residents and visitors alike.

The master plan of the new Carlsberg City District is inspired by the qualities of historic town centres around the world, with intimate streets, charming squares, open gardens between the buildings and nine slim towers, ranging from 50 to 120 metres in height.  

In order to create a vibrant, open atmosphere, shops and retailers will be located at ground level, while offices, institutions and private apartments will be on the upper floors. Apart from new buildings the Carlsberg City District consists of a number of listed buildings reflecting the historic and cultural heritage of the area, and green areas, such as the private garden of J.C. Jacobsen, will be preserved.  

The Carlsberg City District is owned by Carlsberg Byen P/S, which is an independent company, with ownership split between Carlsberg (25%), Realdania (25%), PFA (20%), Topdanmark (15%) and PenSam (15%).