UN Global Compact

Executive Roundtable: Partnerships for Transformation


As Special Advisor to UN Global Compact Flemming Borreskov chaired an Executive Roundtable: Partnerships for Transformation. The theme was how to promote an increased cooperation and understanding between philanthropy and the business world on multi-sector partnerships addressing glob­al sustainability challenges and the role of philanthropy.

 The UN Glob­al Compact and Realdania in collaboration with The European Foundation Centre and the Council on Foundations hosted this Executive Roundtable with a particular focus on exploring the foundations possible role as conveners or catalysts for forming partnerships, which leverage the individual sector’s strengths to solve global sustainability issues to accelerate the transition to global sustainability.

 The business world is widely recognized to have the largest potential for scaling sustainable solutions at a global level, while at the same time creating jobs and raising living standards. Foundations on the other hand have an appetite for risk and innovation, opportunities for below-market return on investments and very long engagement horizons. Finally, multi-lateral organisations like the UN have enormous global reach, access to governments and leverage to replicate solu­tions globally.

 A select group of foundation and business CEOs attended.