Foto: Pia Bechsgaard

Foto: Pia Bechsgaard

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CityLab Summit:

I joined the CityLab Summit: Global Solutions to Global Challenges in New York from Sunday 6th through Tuesday 8th.

The Summit was presented by the Aspen Institute, The Atlantic and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Among the keynote speakers were Mayor Bloomberg, City of New York; Editor-at-Large Richard Florida, Atlantic Cities; Vice President Al Gore; Editor-in-Chief James Bennett, The Atlantic; President and CEO Walter Isaacson, The Aspen Institute and Vice-President and Director Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution.

City of Boston, City of London, City of Ontario and City of New York were some of the cities represented.

 Foto: Pia Bechsgaard

 Foto: Pia Bechsgaard


The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit is a triennial gathering of top executives of Global Compact companies and other stakeholder groups.

The aim is to deepen the commitment of participating leaders from business, labour and civil society to the Global Compact and its principles; to build and scale up momentum within the business sector; and to foster enabling environments and collective action.

The theme of the Leaders Summit 2013 is “Architects of a Better World".